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We offer you the organisation of your event, incentive trip or customized programme for your national or international client and in a integral way.

From the recommendation and booking of the accomodation in the most suitable destination for your group, establishments inspection with the quality required, catering and transport services, team building activities, booking of charming places for your convention, meeting or Congresses, guides, hostesses, and over all, a multilingual NTC & Sons DMC professional team, 24 h available so that your event is a success.

We are able to offer the best and the most creative proposals customized for your clients with products, services and local cultures, adapted to their preferences. Our wide knowledge of the tourist sector and the different Spanish tourist destinations allow us to know and work with the best services providers of the country.

Moreover, being an IATA member, we are able to offer you the best negotiated rates in flights to Spain, with an excellent service from the beginning to the end of the trip.

We are the partner you are looking for!!

Incoming – DMC


In NTC & Sons DMC, we love our work: talking and getting to know our clients to create unique experiences for their companies, researching new products, travelling to discover different and special destinations, talking with local people to get more information and taking advantage of every place with its cultural, gastronomic and historical assets.

All this allow us to offer the best and the most creatives proposals and customized programmes for you and your clients, adapted to their preferences and be your suitable "local partner" in Spain, Portigal and Morocco.



When the location of an event, conference, meeting or incentive trip, whatever its type, is performed in a foreign country, it is essential to have a good "local partner".

Our philosophy and commitment is clear: everyone in the team is one more person in the company we work. We are a professional team who personally select the most incredible destinations, the most exclusive accomodation and resorts, the most suitable venues for meetings and conventions and the newest team building activities for the success of the incentives. We always know and check first everything we offer, providing a special design for the corporate event and personalized attention all the time.

Sport events


In NTC&Sons DMC, we create, design and produce events for enterprises with the best creativity and professionalism. We are specialized in organising sport events all over the world, related to football and golf.

With NTC Company, we have been the host for our Asian clients in the Ucranian Eurocup in 2012 and in the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

Moreover, we have organised The Juan Señor Football Campus, working with groups of Spanish children, encouraging them to play football and practice the English language.

About Golf, we have organised and sponsored every year our International Championship in Spain which has taken place in different locations: San Cugat (Barcelona), La Herrería (Madrid), Abama (Tenerife), Valderrama (Cádiz) y Jaizkibel (San Sebastián).

Social and Private Events


Apart from the organisation of corporate events, we are in charge of the design and development of special events for final clients, such as Weddings and Honeymoons.

We are based on the principles of professionalism, added value and flexibility, being in charge of the organisation of weddings in an integral way and customized for the clients. We absolutely take care of all details and create weddings as the reflection of the couple.

On the other hand, we design exclusive and customized honeymoons with NTC&Sons DMC, offering prívate tours in Spain. We get involved in the creation process of this beautiful dream, making true the trip of their lifes.

Our large experience organising customized Honeymoons to more than 6.000 clients in Asian destinations with NTC Company during the last 5 years, guarantee our professionalism and dedication.



Our commitment to offer exclusive services with high quality to our clients, just like our wide knowledge of the tourism sector and about the different Spanish destinations, allow us to know and work with the best service providers of our country.

Thanks to preferential agreements with the main hotel chains and exclusive boutique-hotels in Spain, our clients can enjoy the comfort and unique services in our country, feeling as if they were at home.

Aerial Department


Being a IATA member (International Air Transport Association) allow us to offer the best negotiated rates with the best Airlines in the world: Qatar Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, etc.

What is more, we can issue flight tickets all the day long and with customized attention.

Flying is a real experience with us!!